"I am a theatre artist and performer. I create
multi sensorial poetic landscapes, reminiscent
of a living dream. My work is at it’s best, a
collaboration between the body and its senses,
performing on the body like a welcomed
hallucination. My work is like scattered stars,
and it is for the audience to decide what
their associative constellations will be. My work
is not about a certain character or style, it is
about being alone, the challenge of connectivity,
and coming up against intellectual barriers,
and reaching beyond for something greater."

Samantha Shay is a young American director,
currently living and working in Los Angeles, where
she is the artistic director and founder of inter-
national artist collective, Source Material. She
began directing in 2010 while an Acting student at
the California Institute of the Arts, where she is
currently pursuing a graduate degree in Theatre
Directing. Her original and collaborative works
include Dancing Behind My Eyelids (2010), Angel
Fragments (2012), I Should Have a Party For
All The Thoughts I Didnt Say (2013), and Into
The Fog (2014), for which she won three awards:
The Duende Distiction, Best Dance/Physical Theatre
Performance, and Encore Producers Award at the
Hollywood Fringe. She is currently developing A Library
of Light, an original piece about the celestial rhythms
of the human body, in collaboration with Teatr ZAR
principal musician Nini Julia Bang, under the mentor-
ship of performance artist Marina Abramović.



Into The Fog


In Progress:

A Moon Of
Saturn Has A Sea

A Library of Light


I Should Have A
Party For All The
Thoughts I Didnt Say


samanthashay (at) gmail .com


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