"I am a theatre artist and performer. I create
multi sensorial poetic landscapes, reminiscent
of a living dream. My work is at it’s best, a
collaboration between the body and its senses,
performing on the body like a welcomed
hallucination. My work is like scattered stars,
and it is for the audience to decide what
their associative constellations will be. My work
is not about a certain character or style, it is
about being alone, the challenge of connectivity,
and coming up against intellectual barriers,
and reaching beyond for something greater."

Samantha Shay is 24 years old, and was born
in a small town in Massachusetts. She began
directing in 2010 while an Acting student at the
California Institute of the Arts, where she is
currently pursuing a graduate degree in Theatre
Directing. Her original and collaborative works
include Dancing Behind My Eyelids (2010), Into
The Fog
(2011), Angel Fragments (2012), and I
Should Have a Party For All The Thoughts I Didn’t
(2013). She is currently developing A Library
of Light
, an original piece about the celestial rhyth-
ms of the human body, under the mentorship of
performance artist Marina Abramović.



Into The Fog


In Progress:

A Moon Of
Saturn Has A Sea

A Library of Light


I Should Have A
Party For All The
Thoughts I Didnt Say


samanthashay (at) gmail .com


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